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Congratulations to Open Pairs Winner!

106 boards in 4 sessions

Congratulations to Kongo Kong & K Y Tam

This is a championship event with four sessions. In the first half on the qualifying day, the pair scored 57.2% ranking in the third position. At the end of the qualifying session, they get into the second place and top 12 pairs get into the final.

They keep the leading position at the start of the final session while scoring 60.3%, 10 match point ahead of the second place. They perform failry in the second half but fortunately keeping the leading position till the end.


Octopus payment is coming!

Octopus payment will be tested out starting from 25 June 2024. Members may use their Octopus Card/App/Wallet to settle entry fees of HKCBA tournaments.


Members are highly recommended to make payment via Octopus. Apart from it is a convenient way, your cooperation may potentially:

1.           help HKCBA to achieve a better corporate governance for higher chance of funding approval from HKSI and LCSD; and

2.           ease some of the workloads for our tournament directors.


We hope it will be a better payment option for everyone.


Proper Use of the Term "Hong Kong, China" in Team Name



In compliance with the policy and practice of the Hong Kong, China Contract Bridge Association (HKCBA), bridge players are advised to use the term “Hong Kong, China” in their team names instead of just “Hong Kong” when representing Hong Kong, China or when taking part in international, regional and overseas bridge tournaments. This is with the exception of non-international tournaments organized by China when the name of “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” should be used. 

This requirement should apply to the registration of team names, uniforms, submission of system notes, publicity materials etc.

The proper use of the term “Hong Kong, China” will avoid unnecessary embarrassment and queries to the bridge player and the HKCBA.  Any non-compliance controversy may result in suspension of participation in the event and/or withdrawal of subsidy on the part of the bridge player and/or HKCBA.

For enquiries, please contact any HKCBA council member.
Congratulations to Team of Six Winners!

With 6 teams playing 2 round robins, the team Golden Micky was leading since round 2 of the first round robin.

HL Hau, Kongo Kong, KY Tam, Leon Ng, Micky Law, Terence Chan, Wilson Leung and Yiu Wai Sing, were able to maintain the lead till the end of the championship. Congratulations to their outstanding performance!

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