LCSD Bridge Training Course 橋牌訓練班
The Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association held Bridge Training Course together with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) since 2002, aiming to promote bridge activities in Hong Kong.

HKCBA is to provide instructors and trainers, course materials and bridge equipments while LCSD administrating and providing venue for the course. For details,
please refer to the .

Registration shall be made through LCSD. Enrollment Method and Procedures can be found (Urban and New Territiories Region)

Please contact Mr. MAK @9852 7236 for any enquiry.


香港橋牌會主要是提供講師及導師、課程內容及橋牌用具,而康樂及文化事務署則負責提供場地及課程報名行政之工作。 詳情請參閱

報名須透過康樂及文化事務署,報名辦法及手續請參閱 (巿 區 及 新 界 區)

如有任何疑問,歡迎致電麥先生 @9852 7236 查詢。