HKCBA Master & Junior Pairs Series

The participating pairs must be formed by one junior player (aged under 26) and one master player (aged over 26)

Partnerships can register for the event through the pre-registration system on HKCBA website. 

For interested junior players who does not have a partner, they can register through the following: (https://forms.gle/u3yWRmoy5G25xzvC9). The Youth Committee will match them up with a master player.

For interested master players who does not have a partner, please contact Sam Tseng at 6053 7090. The Youth Committee will try to match them up with a junior player.

The event will be scored in MP pairs scoring.

The youth player who accumulates the most ranking points over the 5 events will be the declared winner.

Players can play with different partners throughout the event.

Enquiry regarding Trials

HKCBA has received an enquiry for Trial recently.

Please find the information below for your reference:

Rules relates to Trial:

1) A team must consists of 6 players for registration of trial.

2) Player must be HKCBA member for current and last bridge year.

3) Winners of trial can representive HK China subject to council approval, there is no minimum requirement of no. of boards played.

4) For Master Point Calculation, a minimum of 25% of boards played required for Qualifying Rounds and Playoff respectively.

5) Nationality requirement maybe enforced by organising body, in general, HKCBA do not set restriction on this matter.