The Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association Limited
The Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association Limited. (HKCBA Ltd.) take over all the assets and liabilities of the present unincorporated body known as Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association". The Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association (HKCBA) was established in 1951 by a group of enthusiastic bridge players in Hong Kong. HKCBA is the official Hong Kong representative member organization to the World Bridge Federation (WBF), under Zone 6. It is a member of the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation (APBF), which includes member National Bridge Organizations (NBOs) of
Zone 4
1. Bahrain
2. Bangladesh
3. India
4. Jordan
5. Kuwait
6. Pakistan
7. Palestine
8. Qatar
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Sri Lanka
11. Syria
Zone 6
1. China
2. China Hong Kong
3. China Macau
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Indonesia
6. Japan
7. Korea
8. Malaysia
9. Mongolia
10. Philippines
11. Singapore
12. Thailand
Zone 7
1. Australia
2. French Polynesia
3. New Caldonia
4. New Zealand