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Hong Kong
Causeway Bay
Past Winners
APBF Pairs
Past Winners
Formerly known as
Far East Bridge Federation & Pacific Asia Bridge Federation
Year Host City Open Team
(Rebullid Cup)
Ladies Team
(President's Cup)
Senior Team
(PABF Senior Cup)
1st 1957 Manila Philippines    
2nd 1958 Tokyo Philippines    
3rd 1959 Taipei Hong Kong    
4th 1960 Hong Kong Hong Kong    
5th 1961 Bangkok Thailand    
6th 1962 Manila Indonesia    
7th 1963 Taipei Thailand Chinese Taipei  
8th 1964 Tokyo Indonesia Thailand  
9th 1965 Hong Kong Thailand Malaysia  
10th 1966 Bangkok Thailand Thailand  
11th 1967 Manila Chinese Taipei Philippines  
12th 1968 Kuala Lumpur Australia Philippines  
13th 1969 Taipei Chinese Taipei Singapore  
14th 1970 Jakarta Australia Indonesia  
15th 1971 Melbourne Chinese Taipei Singapore  
16th 1972 Singapore Indonesia Singapore  
17th 1973 Hong Kong Indonesia Australia  
18th 1974 Manila Indonesia Australia  
19th 1975 Bangkok Hong Kong Australia  
20th 1976 Auckland Chinese Taipei New Zealand  
21st 1977 Manila India Australia  
22nd 1978 New Delhi Chinese Taipei India  
23rd 1979 Tokyo Indonesia Philippines  
  1980 Not held due to the Olympiad
24th 1981 Taipei Chinese Taipei New Zealand  
25th 1982 Bangkok Indonesia Philippines  
26th 1983 Hong Kong Indonesia New Zealand  
27th 1984 Macau Indonesia Australia  
28th 1985 Sydney Japan Australia  
29th 1986 Penang Chinese Taipei China  
30th 1987 Shanghai Hong Kong Japan  
  1988 Singapore 1st FEBF CONGRESS
31st 1989 Jakarta Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei  
32nd 1990 Singapore New Zealand Australia  
33rd 1991 Guangzhou China China  
  1992 Hong Kong 2nd FEBF CONGRESS
34th 1993 Singapore Indonesia China  
35th 1994 Wellington Chinese Taipei China  
36th 1995 Perth New Zealand Australia  
  1996 Macau 3rd PABF CONGRESS
37th 1997 Hong Kong Chinese Taipei China  
38th 1998 Kobe China China  
39th 1999 Hangzhou Indonesia China  
  2000 Jakarta 4th PABF CONGRESS
40th 2001 Singapore Chinese Taipei China  
41st 2002 Bangkok Japan China Indonesia
42nd 2003 Manila Indonesia China Japan
  2004 Taipei 5th PABF CONGRESS
43rd 2005 Seoul China China Japan
44th 2006 Shanghai China New Zealand Australia
45th 2007 Bandung China China Indonesia
  2008 Surfers' Paradise 6th PABF CONGRESS
46th 2009 Macau China China Indonesia
47th 2010 Hamilton Chinese Taipei Japan Australia
48th 2011 Kuala Lumpur China China Indonesia
  2012 Fukuoka 7th APBF CONGRESS
49th 2013 Hong Kong Japan Japan Australia

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