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Leisure Activities Survey


Leisure Activities Survey

by WBF Official Nov. 25

The WBF is conducting a survey exploring what types of leisure activities people do and why.


Please help us, our community and our beautiful game by taking 5 minutes to complete the survey, and by asking friends to complete it (even those who don't play bridge)


The survey is here: https://pip.surveymonkey.com/r/DKJW93X.


Because this survey is aimed primarily at bridge players, the end result will be a better understanding of why different groups of people around the world like and play bridge, and how bridge compares to other activities that bridge players and potential bridge players like to do. This will help bridge administrators, teachers and promoters design better ways to identify, attract and teach potential bridge players, and also ways to encourage players to keep playing the game.


Thank you!


Ben Thompson, WBF 1st Vice President and Chair Marketing & Communications Committee

Congratulations to Team of Six Winners!

With 6 teams playing 2 round robins, the team Golden Micky was leading since round 2 of the first round robin.

HL Hau, Kongo Kong, KY Tam, Leon Ng, Micky Law, Terence Chan, Wilson Leung and Yiu Wai Sing, were able to maintain the lead till the end of the championship. Congratulations to their outstanding performance!

Application for instructor course

HKCBA Tutors Course

Speakers: Sam Tseng, Abby Chiu Course

Venue: HKCBA Clubhouse

Speakers: Sam Tseng, Abby Chiu Course

Objective: To train up bridge players to become bridge instructors, to the level sufficient to manage a beginners course in primary, secondary schools, and local bridge institutes.

To know more details, please click here


Tournament Director Course 2023
Course objective:
- equip participants with the necessary skills which will enable them to run club events


Course objective:
- equip participants with the necessary skills which will enable them to run club events


Course outline:

Criteria for passing:
1. Submit assignment before 8 December 2023.
2. Pass Simulation test.
Course Fee:
$1,250 (for university students)
$1,000 (for secondary school students)
[$500 refundable after passing the course and fulfilling at least two sessions of practicum]


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